What a Spectacle.

What a spectacle it must be to watch the ones who believe to be on some platform above the rest – to attempt to understand the complexities of miniscule entities that are so easily warped by the elements, natural and unnatural. To watch the same sordid and repetitive juvenile offenses be committed again and again – without any remorse to time. We take such elements and perceive them as misdealings. Mistakes. Strife that should not have had to exist. What a spectacle it must be for God to watch a seemingly insignificant spec of dust attempt to grasp the entity of a created cosmos and ultimately breakdown by its own idea of an overpowering reality. And so without any conceivable logic we define others. Define ourselves by the given definitions, by standards, some feeble attempt to identify to schemas of the very little that we do know in blissful yet deceitful notions of intelligence. What a spectacle.