Mock Her.

With the gradual actualization of an undesirable certainty, the mocker realizes that life has played a cruel and unimaginable joke on him. It is through this mentality that the mocker becomes a lie, a disfigured embodiment of all the lies he had been told. And so he lives a perpetually discouraged existence. He will attempt to demean the felicity of others, but with every incremental decibel of sound that bellows from within, he belittles himself, then condemns the belittling on those who pay no attention to his judgements. His own belittling becomes an inversion. Yet he continues to pridefully hold on to the idea that he is merely a byproduct of failed realities. What he does not realize is that reality has not failed him. He has failed reality by the self-regurgitation of mutilated feelings. He makes a mockery of all associations of peace, love, and empathy - paradoxically becoming a mockery himself by ridiculing the exact things that would provide him with joy. In his conceit, he believes he has lost nothing, and he is correct in this belief. He has gained only himself. A mockery.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Fake it til you make it.

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