Monday Mornings.

Today I watched the pigeons of Bay 50th St. drink water from the melted ice.
"My dear love. My dear love." She said.
Independence for S. Sudan like the birds of the wind. And the flag, it tosses and turns, flects of red, white, and blue with the sounds of loud construction.
We're building, rebuilding again and again.
New and old, old then new.
I'm late again. Everywhere.
Lost to the colors, sounds, words.
Pearl Harbor Effect.
She said.
But what are words. Hieroglyphic symbols that produce sound to capture some type of rationale for what's really going on in our minds. And to convey that with multiple sounds to a specific rhythm. And each noise to capture emotions and then I will close my eyes around the 59 speakers. The stereos. And that damn nostalgia. For memories that never existed, the feelings that were never really there.
But with each new face we'll imitate those that have never happened, those events.
And be okay.
With perfect strangers we'll pretend what will never take place.
Random thoughts. Monday morning. With the earth inches towards the spring.