We are each a void in this apathetic mass of humanity. It is not quite the effects of some kind of modern liberal enlightenment. We are no gods. We are only conditioned to believe that. Or to dilute reality with our gaudy lifestyles, our illusions of knowledge and independence. Our perpetual, predictable, ever present insanity and fallacies. And I am no exception. I process no judgments and reduce no one and everyone to an amassed generalization. I am victim to the same conditioning, addictions, and feeble attempts of pseudo intellectual babble. My neuroses comes from the anticipated experiences one should assume. But enough! Even I am getting irritated by my own existential posturing. We are no creators. We are not beauty, not death, not life, not war, not injustice or justice, not the arts. We are all simultaneously Hitler, Mother Teresea, Rimbaud, the Dalai Lama, the escorts on fifth avenue, mass murderers, and peacemakers. I have tired from the same compulsive cognitive pathologies of mankind - even the most vile of our kind - our sad addictions, accumulations of our own inane wisdom, our truly ephemeral intelligence. Accumulations of nothing! But I will never tire from watching individuals fall on their knees and submit wholly to the knowledge of humanity's fragility. We are only capable of failure, being our own facade to ourselves, surrounding ourselves with counterfeit illuminations. We are too weak to provide a limitless love. But there is salvation. And salvation will bring us to give a glimpse of this limitless love to others. Then we can laugh with every atom in our bodies - laugh with tears of joy. And perhaps God will smile at our new found strength in Him.